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Interlibrary Loans The interlibrary loan service is a process by which WPL requests materials (not available in our library) on a patron’s behalf from other participating libraries. The Winnebago Public Library receives interlibrary loan deliveries weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings (excluding holidays). Only patrons in good standing and in the Winnebago District can order material through PrairieCat, by phone, or at our service desk. Introduction More than 5,000 multi-type (academic, public, school and special) member libraries contribute to the Interlibrary Loan Program. Resources are shared among libraries in order to meet the information, recreation and research needs of library users. Individual libraries challenged to meet the requests of their users can do so through statewide cooperative collection management agreements. The American Library Association recognizes that the sharing of material between libraries is an integral element in the provision of library service and believes it to be in the public interest to encourage such an exchange. Interlibrary Loan (ILL), a mechanism of obtaining material, is essential to the vitality of all libraries. The effectiveness of the interlibrary loan system depends upon participation of libraries of all types and sizes. Definition According to the American Library Association, Interlibrary Loan is 'the process by which a library requests material from, upon request of a library user, material not available in the user's local library." Terms Requesting Library - the library borrowing material Supplying Library - the library lending material Material - Includes books, audiovisual materials, and other returnable items as well as copies of journal articles, book chapters, excerpts, and other non- returnable items. Purpose The purpose of interlibrary loan as defined is to obtain, upon request of a library user, material not available in the user's local library. It is not meant to replace the library's material but to expand and enrich it. Resource Sharing is a variety of libraries or consortial activities designed to improve library services and/or reduce costs. Interlibrary loan is an example of it. System The Winnebago Public Library participates in OCLC WorldShare Interlibrary Loan library System. It is the library's judgment that this system is the best resource for our library. This system does NOT include Rockford Public Library however it does include other local libraries as well as libraries in the Chicago area. Please be aware that when we submit a material request into the system it decides for us which library will accept our request. Reciprocal Borrowing A form of cooperative agreement between two or more libraries allowing their users on- site circulation privileges at another library. The Winnebago Public Library allows reciprocal borrowing for WPL material on site but doesn't participate in interlibrary loan with reciprocal borrowers. Reciprocal borrowers will need to put their request in at their home library (the library to which you pay taxes to). Scope and Responsibilities All libraries participating in interlibrary loan adhere to rules and guidelines associated with transactions. The Winnebago Public Library receives interlibrary loan deliveries weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday momings (not including holiday exceptions). The Interlibrary loan service is only available to Winnebago Public Library district patrons in good standing. The ILLINET (Illinois Library and Infonnation Network) Interlibrary Loan Code, approved by the Illinois State Library Advisory committee, endorsed by the Illinois Library Systems, and adopted by the Illinois State Library effective March 12, 2008, govems interlibrary lending policy within ILLINET. Based on the most current American Library Association National Interlibrary Loan Code, this code promotes efficient resource sharing among ILLINET libraries. Some of our responsibilities include: We ensure patron confidentiality Adhere to copyright law Assume responsibility for borrowed material until returned to lending library If damage or loss occurs while borrowing, we provide compensation or replacement in accordance with the supplying library Honor the due date provided by lending library All material is subject to recall by lending library, materials are to be returned immediately if recalled The lending library determines whether the material can be provided and we must honor the lending libraries condition of loan Package material to prevent damage and ship material in a timely manner Yearly submission of statistics to the Illinois State Library Questions If you have any further questions or concerns please contact out service desk at 815- 335-7050. Resources for this page were obtained from Jesse White Secretary of State and State Librarian ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Code and The American Library Association Interlibrary Code for the United States.

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