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Checking Out Materials
Use of Materials A free two-year library card is issued to any resident of the Winnebago Public Library District. A one-year non- resident card may be purchased. According to a state law passed in 2002, non-residents should try to purchase a card at the library nearest to where they live. The price of the non-resident card at any library is determined by a formula standard to all public libraries in Illinois, which may change from year to year, and will vary from one library to another. Illinois Public Library patrons with library cards from other than the Winnebago Public Library will be issued a Winnebago Public Library barcode which will expire one year from the date of issue, for the purpose of reciprocal borrowing of Winnebago Public Library material. Such patrons will not be entitled to reserve material or request materials through interlibrary loans. Acceptable proof of current residency: Photo Identification Driver’s License State ID Firearms ID Non Photo Identification Bill (current or last months credit card or utility) Auto Registration Checkbook with imprinted name and address Driver’s Permit Lease Recent post office forwarded mailing label Mortgage Voter’s registration card A patron must use their own card to check out materials. There will be a $1.00 fee for the replacement of lost cards which are not yet expired. Minors less than 18 years old, with written parental permission may check out R rated or unrated materials. Due dates for materials requested through inter-library loan may vary. Books may be placed on reserve in the case of a school assignment where it is evident to the Library Director that several students may wish to study the same subject. Requested materials from our library will be held for the patron for four days after notification. Length of Checkout for Library Materials 1 Week - DVD - 1 Renewal 2 Weeks – Multi Disc (3 or more) set/series –1 Renewal 2 Weeks - Materials classified by WPL as “NEW” (6 months) materials – No Renewal 3 Weeks - Books, Audio Books, Magazines, Music CD - 1 Renewal Limits of Checkout for Library Materials 5 Titles - DVD, Audio Books 5 Titles - Materials classified by WPL as “NEW” materials Unlimited - Books, Magazines, Music CD Renewals Telephone and website renewals will be permitted. Email renewals to will be allowed. If there are no requests by other patrons for an item, it may be renewed. Cooperative Undertakings The library will be an active participant in a cooperative library system in the State of Illinois, and with any other library agency in services, programs or other undertakings of mutual benefit to all parties concerned. Proper legal safeguards and legal contracts will be required when appropriate, and all such cooperatives will be subject to periodic reviews. Winnebago Public Library will lend all materials except new, reference, local to other libraries through interlibrary loan. The loan period will be three weeks for all materials. Fines will not be charged for photocopies or other materials sent through interlibrary loan. Our library accepts responsibility for the safe return of borrowed material and agrees to pay for lost or damaged material. We agree to abide by the rules of the interlibrary loan code. Books, audiovisual materials and supplies may be purchased by members of the staff or the Board of Trustees. An order slip giving the name of the author, title, publisher, price and purchaser's name should be given to the Library Director. Items must be paid for when received.

Book Drops/Returning Items

Besides returning borrowed items inside the library during open hours, you may also: Use the book drop located to the right of the front doors of the library (open 24/7) Return items at any other public library that is more convenient
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