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Mission Statement and Values Enriching. Empowering. Evolving. Mission Statement The Winnebago Public Library provides all patrons access to a variety of well-organized resources, services, and technologies that enrich and empower the community and evolve with its cultural needs. Values The WPL strives to meet the needs of the community and patrons that we serve by consistently holding our organization accountable to operate in a fiscally responsible manner, ensure transparency, and maintain high levels of professionalism at all times. The WPL is passionate about the service we provide to all patrons, striving for the highest levels of resourcefulness, helpfulness, and accessibility. The WPL values a strong connection to the community and ensures a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment for everyone. The WPL’s success is dependent on the collective and strong relationships between our community, patrons, and staff working together that value creativity, forward progress, and a commitment to continuously evolve through our initiative to encourage growth and learning.

Enriching. Empowering. Evolving.